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We treat patients from all across the globe, patients can write or call about their problems along with relevant reports, medicine can be sent through courier at a very nominal cost.

Skin Treatment

Skin disorders include a wide range of conditions and may be a sign of illness. So it is important to make a proper diagnosis and also make sure you are properly treating it. Everybody is eager to keep his Skin healthy and glowing. Let’s discuss some of the Skin disorders and how to take care of it. Skin disorders are related to epidermis, the outermost layer of Skin.

Few examples of Skin disorders are:

• Eczema
• Vitiligo
• Warts

Height Increment

It is seen that short height people are always tensed because of their height. Now you all can take a deep breath as now your height problem will be solved by Homeopathic treatment.

The homeopathic medicine acts mainly on three sites:-

• Improves natural body process to accelerate growth by producing growth increasing substance
• Cartilages Growth
• Spinal Column Extension

Myopia In Children

Myopia is known as nearsightedness in common parlance. People suffering from myopia can see near objects clearly and have a problem viewing distant objects which appear blurred and with less clarity.Myopia has high prevalence in Asian countries up to 80-90% as compared to 30-40% in European countries and the United States, and 10-20% in Africa. Research has proved a relationship between myopia and high IQ.Combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors like near sighted work like reading, computer games, watching TV is one of the reasons for myopia.

Kidney Stones

Homeopathic medicines may be utilized by naturopathic physicians to treat the pain and spasm associated with kidney stones. When treating the passage of a kidney stone with homeopathy, it is important to remember that the size of the stone must be small enough to pass without surgical intervention and that administration of the homeopathic medicine usually changes the clinical picture, which will then require a different remedy. Other therapies, such as herbal medicines, hot packs, and supplements, are sometimes used with homeopathy.

The following homeopathic remedies have been utilized by naturopathic physicians in treating a kidney stone:

Berberis vulgaris – Indicated for sharp, stitching pains that radiate to the groin area and right-sided kidney stones.
Cantharis – Indicated for urine that burns and is passed drop by drop.
Colocynthis – Indicated for pain over the whole abdomen while urinating.
Ocimum canum – Indicated for pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
Pennyroyal – Indicated for frequent urination and left-sided ureter spasm or stone.


Conventional treatment for thyroid involves a lifelong medication or surgery. Homeopathy is a best way to treat thyroid without any side-effects and also it is a painless procedure to cure and get relief from it permanently.

Conventional medication entails taking supplements of the hormones whereas homeopathy treatment for thyroid stimulates better functioning of the thyroid gland so that it can produce the hormones on its own.

Our immune system is under constant attack from toxins within air, water and food supply. These pollutants, over-stimulate our immune system, create autoimmune reactions and damage thyroid function. In Homeopathy treatment for thyroid, we provide constitutional treatment, which focuses on improving the function of the thyroid gland by natural means. The constitutional remedies will stimulate the body to reactivate thyroid secretions. In our thyroid treatment we will help to boost energy, improve circulation and thereby help balancing hypo as well as hyperthyroid functions. It may be also used as a supportive help for regulating both hypo and hyper thyroid functions.

Homeopathy treatment for thyroid can also reduce the dependency on external supplementation of the hormones and ensure good health in general.


Homeopathic treatment of Hypertension works effectively in treating hypertension and its symptoms. Hypertension treatment in homeopathy controls the circulation in the body, removes stress and anxiety. Homeopathic treatment of hypertension uses natural substance in the treatment like plants, vegetables, minerals and animal based. Hypertension treatment in homeopathy is safe, have no side effects and also can be used for all age groups. Homeopathic treatment of hypertension not just focuses on problem but also treats the underlying root cause of the problem. Hypertension treatment in homeopathy improves immunity and helps it to avoid future disease occurrences. Homeopathic treatment of hypertension is based on the symptoms, lifestyle, past history of the individual and individualization.

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